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After Mark Wright's candid revelation about suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder, OK! took a look at this crippling psychological condition with Jasmine EL-Doori.

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There's something very private about the experience of pain, and what is pain? When someone seeks to engage in the process of psychotherapy there's an implied demand to be rid of something . . . an unbearable painfulness, an imbalance, a feeling of stuckness or paralysis, a difficulty in living and loving. This might encompass a sense of feeling overwhelmed by something riddled with complexity and troubling to articulate. 

There is a plethora of emotions on the depressive spectrum: inadequacy, loneliness, isolation, deep sadness, helplessness, a sense of exclusion, meaninglessness, futility, despair, fear, anxiety, panic, dread, flatness, lethargy, heaviness, emptiness, obsessiveness, a feeling of paralysis, self-loathing and anger.